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If you are feeling sick, you take your temperature to gauge how high your fever may be. In the world of raising money for charities, the purpose of the fundraising thermometer is to gauge how many donations are coming in to help reach your established goal. This thermometer, or donation meter, is displayed prominently for all to see and encourage more donations.

If you are in charge of your fund raiser and need a great way to keep track of the incoming funds, you might want to try out the one used for years for this purpose. Never would Daniel Fahrenheit have thought of using his invention in this way exactly, but that is what is done these days. Of course, it is made not of glass but of non-breakable materials and lots of paint, hopefully red paint as the money creeps upwards.

No matter your interest or lack thereof, when you see one of these fund gauges displayed along the highway or on the roadside, you take a look. That is its purpose. Many folks would not have thought or remembered to make a donation had they not observed this thermometer. It jogs your memory and heads you in the right direction. The competition it creates among friends, co-workers and just plain strangers is what makes a good fund drive.

Seen on billboards across the country, the    Los Angeles attorney fund raising gauges are used by churches, organizations and even schools, to encourage people to add money to their dwindling funds. This money is needed throughout the year for their various activities. There are so many to choose from and all are extremely worthy.

The making of a thermometer is not difficult, just takes a little time and cooperation among members of the drive. Red and black paint or markers, pencils and poster board or plywood in hand, they set to work making the likeness of a thermometer to hopefully help in achieving the goal they have set for their drive. The black marks and numbers will be passed by in red on the way to the top and a filled bulb. This will indicate the success of it.

Of course, do use weather proof items for making this gauge if it is going to be used outdoors. The method of building it is the same as for indoor ones except for its durability.

The use of these gadgets to increase awareness of the drive for funding does that and also makes a friendly spirit of competition rear its head as well. Larger donations are made and everyone hopes to be the one to put it over the top. To raise the visibility even more, think about buying an online thermometer to place on your web site.

In September in the United States, a well-known actor and entertainer uses the Labor Day weekend to raise money for “his kids”. There is entertainment from all kinds of areas and millions of dollars are raised, each increment being announced by a drum roll before the digital fundraising thermometer is increased.


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