The Destruction of Renewable Energy Businesses by The Liberal Government

When Prime Minister Abbott was elected in 2013 he overturned the renewable energy policies of the previous Labor Government. By September that year he disbanded the Climate Commission which was set up to advise on the effects of and give potential advice regarding climate change and global warming. When leader of the Opposition he claimed that a carbon tax increased the price of electricity and there was no carbon pollution.

The government was accused of deliberately misinforming the public and blunting any action to counteract it. This is what has been felt by those who have suffered enormous hardship and financial loss due to the increase in adverse weather. As they suffer super floods, super fires, extensive drought, cyclones in places where they were not known beforehand, and a massive number of homes lost, as well as lives, the people are scratching their heads to understand why the politicians have taken this stand.

The bottom line is that the huge coal-fired power stations along with the coal mines that feed them are owned by big business. The government is determined to protect them and one wonders why?

Questions are now raised about the massive Coal Mine that is getting ready to open in Queensland. This is hugely controversial as it is owned by an Indian Company whose record is rather astonishing. Its mines in other countries have seen environmental destruction from the abuse dished out by neglect. On top of that the owners are accused of putting profits in off-shore accounts where they can’t be touched to minimise tax payments.

Australians are demanding answers about what this government is really about? Is it acting for the people or the big companies? One wonders and now that it has taken a bit hit in the polls many are hoping that its days are numbered. Meanwhile its destruction of the many renewable energy businesses that were set to go when it took office has been a huge price to pay.

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