Cheap Ugg Boots – How to Spot Fakes

You can find many cheap Ugg boots in the market today. However, you should be reminded that the ugg is not a brand but a label specified for the style used by manufacturers. When shopping, be certain to check if the boots you want to purchase are made from high quality material such as sheepskin, leather, or kangaroo

Low quality Uggs may have similar branding and stitches like the authentic ones because they used customary markings for the boots. Though the boots has an UGG label stitched on its back, you do not know for sure if it is fake or authentic. The question is how can you spot fakes?

For unauthorized makers, fakes are created using pigskin or cowhide that could injure or harm your feet. Some manufacturers employ single-faced pigskin as an alternative to sheepskin/ double-faced. To identify fakes, look closely into the boots and see if you can find small holes that would identify if they are made of pigskin.

Here are some tips to spot fake Ugg boots, especially when buying cheaper options:

1. When compared to authentic Uggs, the look of the fake boots and quality are very unsatisfactory. Check for the logos and soles of the boots. Fake ones have hard and rigid soles while authentic Ugg boots are flexible.

2. Fake boots have less fur on the inside with a color somewhat dull. While real boots have a good deal of fur inside for warmth appearance.

3. Fake boots has a narrower heel portion than that of true sheepskin Uggs.

4. The front section of the boots, on genuine sheepskin, is much longer and rounder than that of fake.

5. Genuine Uggs have the symbol Æ as a registered trademark while counterfeit have none.

If you want to purchase cheap Ugg boots, make sure to follow these simple tips in order to avoid counterfeits.


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