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The Feast of Tabernacles has been a vital and central part of Zambian culture. This event is celebrated every year in corporation with International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. It is believed that celebrating the Feast each year honours the Lord. This event has gained much popularity with the passage of time and lots of pilgrims take flight to Lusaka Zambia to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to worship the lord, and to bless Israel in this time of regathering. The celebrations are span over fifteen days. Zambian Music Promos And during all days of celebration a daily program of seminars and teaching is offered and each evening concludes with a time of worship. Whenever you go anywhere with a vehicle, you will always be taking someone in that direction during the days of event. It is one of the three biblical Shalosh regalim that last late September to Late October. You may face traffic problem after taking Lusaka flights as this is the time for public holidays in the country.

Although all celebrations are worth enjoying but evening celebrations are especially noted for their pageantry in music and dance. An International orchestra and choir lead the people for pray and worship. This is such a spiritual festival for Christians that each year up to 5,000 Christians from over 100 countries take flights to Lusaka with flights to Lusaka to join these celebrations. The Feast usually opens in an outdoor worship celebration. This event takes place at international convention center and other places each year. The special feature of this event is the worship and prayers led by international singers, sieuthihoalan musicians, dancers, and other artists. This event compels all types of visitors to take cheap flights to Lusaka and to attend this event as this is not only an event of celebrations but it also include; balanced teaching from carefully selected teachers, scholars, and public figures.

The celebrations of this feast event starts with an outdoor worship event where newly arrived pilgrims share a meal together under a full moon. Afterwards a spectacular stage presentation enhanced by worship in dance starts. Subjects and themes are presented during this event. Visitors may go to explore a number of exhibits where Israeli and international craftsmen display their products after taking cheap flights to Lusaka from UK. It is proudly claimed that worship reaches new heights as the pilgrims from many different countries partake of the bread and the wine, and submit their will to the Lord’s

For a professional angler, it is usually a dream to see Zambia, lovingly referred to as Africa’s ‘diamond within the rough.’ Fishermen from all corners of the world,  international  flock for the Zambezi River to attempt their hand at fishing for that rare tigerfish or giant vundu. For people who want the much less adventurous side of life, be awestruck by magnificent curtain of water named the Victoria Falls. With a width of practically two kilometers, waters fall down into the gorge practically 100 meters below to become a magnificent sight to behold.

Discovering the ‘real’ and untouched Africa will be quite difficult for travelers since travelling the long-distances of Zambia demands a lot of patience but the scenic views are worthwhile. Carry boat-rides to have the finest wildlife viewing inside Lower Zambezi National Park wherever one particular may take a ride along the river and rest in camps or lodges in the long-term. If your lucky, you might be able to catch some elephants bathing by the riverside. For chimp-lovers, go to the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage exactly where over 50 chimpanzees are getting housed in this sanctuary and rehabilitation center.   This natural playground is ideal for scenic trips on top of an elephant or for taking walks among the lions inside savannahs.

You’ll find above 70 ethnically diverse folks that give component to the mesh of spiritual and standard traditional customs of Zambia. The Zambian culture is mainly a clash between indigenous Bantu and Western cultures that was mainly a result of rapid urbanization. The colorful traditional conventional ceremonies featured in the different regions close to the country are a testament to cultural  gulfogintl amalgamation that comprises Zambia.

Go to Zambia during three several seasons: dry-season (mid-April to August) when the temperature drops at night yet the plants are lush, hot season (September to mid-November) which is the better season for wildlife watching along with the wet season (mid-November to mid-April) when bird-watching is at its pinnacle.

Tourists are in general safe around Zambia, yet there is invariably a chance of staying potential targets for muggers or con artists, but with correct sensibility, a tourist shall greatly reduce that chance. The true danger lies close to the borders with the Angola, Mozambique along with the Democratic Republic of Congo  SpotlightMagazine exactly where landmines continue to pose as a massive threat to any passers-by.

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Born in the 1930’s David Shepherd is known the world over for his paintings of African and Indian wildlife.

Born in the London suburb of Hendon, he became interested in painting as early as the age of 8. He won a painting competition for the magazine Nursery World. He was rejected from the Slade School of Fine Arts in London and when he tried to be a game warden in Kenya.

Even though his work was dismissed by the art college,  studiokhora  he was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a proffessional artist, Robin Goodwin. Soon after, he travelled throughout the African continent and became inspired when he witnessed a few dead zebras that were poisoned from the water they drank.

Some of the terrible scenes he witnessed made him create a foundation for the prtection of wildlife. The thousands of pounds he raised through his paintings and charity events help the protection and conservation of endangered species. One of his first paintings to be published was a painting of an African Bull elephant, which he titled “Wise Old Elephant”.

His first painting brought him worldwide critical fame   carpetcleaningblackpool   when it was sold in the millions. His career exploded from that moment on and he used his success for the benefit of the animal conservation movement. His future works and limited editions were sold out in a matter of hours.

David Shepherd has proven to be one of the most original artists of the 20th century by painting with passion. Many of his works are themed around conservation. When he did achieve success, he was able to achieve something even greater, through his wildlife foundation, he’s been able to rescue and save multiple species of animals that were nearing endangerment or extinction.

He’s invested his whole career on the chance to save the planet’s species. He addresses climate change and how greatly it will affect numerous wildlife species.   Being so outspoken has gotten a lot of applause from his fans and critics. Art collectors pay many thousands to buy his works, and as a bonus they are able to enjoy his paintings and feel lucky to have an original, or a signed limited edition in their homes.

His art work is highly sought after, and widely regarded as the finest wildlife paintings in the world. They have gained international stardom and became symbols of the wildlife conservation movement. As for David Shepherd, he continues to paint and his signed limited editions are increasingly sought after. He spends much of his time lecturing in many countries across the globe on conservation.

As for his art, he has written up to 5 books about chinesecrestedbr   his    paintings and his style of painting. His knowledge and enthusiasm for steam engines increased. He owns two Zambian locomotives that were given to him. He has donated them to National Railway Museum in the UK. His love of steam engines has inspired him to create paintings based around his topic of interest. So while most of his paintings are about the African wildlife, he paints about other things that he enjoys.His variety of paintings just concludes his versatility and passion for art.

His art is an inspiration to us all,  heavy news   but the over riding factor is the necessity to look after our fragile planet. He has his own website that allows us to educate ourselves about our planet’s species and asks for a small donation that could save thousands of animals.

David Shepherd is the real deal, a talented artist and a humanitarian. He makes us all take a second look, and he inspires us to help out our animals in need.


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