Cheap Entertainment?

Sometimes when people start looking for entertainment, like any other service, people think they want something cheap. Entertainment is one service that you don’t always want the cheapest guy. In town you can find a lot of ‘cheap magicians, clowns and the likes’ but some of them use fire, use their mouths to blow up balloons and treat the children nasty. Do you want that at your next birthday?

There is this one guy and his wife in my town of entertainment town and they will work cheap. They do balloons, rent moonbounces, sand art, tattoos, carnival games – yep, they do it all and that equals: Jack of all trades and master of none.” Now, he scares the children and yells at them, treats them as if they were below him in life. Again, this is not what 98% of people want for their child’s party. Another example of “You get what you pay for.”

So is cheap entertainment always the best way to go? NO! Can you find good quality entertainment cheap? SURE! If you know what to look for. Don’t make assumptions when you hire entertainers, ask questions and listen to what they say. Did they send you anything via email, DVD, YouTube? Can you see them work? Did they answer all your questions?

Let me ask you something, If you were in need of an operation, and your life depended on it, Would you call all the doctors in the town and say, “Hello, I need an operation and I see here in the phone book you do those, what is your price? I am looking for the cheapest doctor to do my operation.

Good Luck! Cheapest is not always best when it comes to entertainment.

Mark T. Joseph is a Professional Magician and World Record Holder whom you may know by his stage name ‘Mark Mysterrio.’ You can read more about Mark on his website:

“Entertaining With Betsy Bloomingdale” was published in 1994. Though the book is about entertaining with food, it contains a comment about house guests. Every occasion has a purpose, according to Bloomingdale, whether you are having a dinner party, birthday party, or out-of-town guests. She devotes an entire chapter to setting the stage for entertaining.

When you get ready for out-of-town guests you are also setting the stage. For Bloomingdale, part of setting the stage was a placing a bouquet of calla lilies by the front door. You may put a jar of daisies or pot of geraniums on the kitchen table. This checklist will help you get ready for out-of-town guests and make them feel welcome.

* Make the bed with your best sheets.

* Place an extra blanket within easy reach.

* Check bed pillows for wear. If the pillows are soiled buy new ones at a discount store.

* For a fresh look put new pillow protectors on existing pillows.

* Replace a tired-looking mattress cover with a new one.

* Clear out the closet and empty some hangers.

* Clean the tub (or shower) and sink. Make sure all drains are working properly.

* Remove any mold from the shower or tub.

* Place new bars of soap in the tub and/or shower and on the sink.

* Put out clean towels (bath sheets if you have them) and a bath mat.

* Place a basket of travel-size shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, and a new toothbrush by the sink.

* Make sure the tissue box is full. If not, put out a new one.

* Put a clock and a small radio on the bedside table. You may wish to put a television set in the guest’s room, too.

* Inform guest(s) of any quirks — a door that sticks, a window that won’t open, noisy pipes, and similar things.

* Provide adequate lighting. Move Temperature Gauge a lamp from another room to the bedroom, if necessary.

* Add a comfortable reading chair. If there is not room for a chair, pile more pillows on the bed.

* Place reading materials (the latest magazines, a book you loved) by the bed.

* Ask your guest if he or she has any food allergies.

* Show your guest(s) where you keep the coffee and tea and demonstrate how to work the coffee pot.

* Leave late night snacks on the kitchen counter.

* Update guest(s) on your schedule, such as getting up at 6 a.m. and leaving for work at 7:00.

* Give your guest(s) an extra key to the house and a map of your town or city.

* If you live in a large city give your guests a map of the skyways.

* Suggest places to see and offer to take your guest(s) on a mini tour.

* Just before your guest(s) arrive put a flowering plant, bouquet, or single rose bud in their room.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson


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