Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Write My Real Estate Plan?

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Do I really need an attorney to write my own will? Why can’t I do it by myself? Of course you can do it alone, it’s far more cheaper as well. But the actual question you should be asking yourself is, ‘will the will written by myself be valid and help up in court?’ not that sure now, are you?I will give you more reasons as to why we need wills and estate lawyers .

  • Not only do you need a will but you actually need an estate plan. A will is only a part of the estate plan while an estate plan includes all documentations prepared for your dead. So just because you got wrote down you will, isn’t going to make it valid. There are six other documents that you need to work on as well.
  • You will be saving so much of your time and your power plus the stress. Your attorney will do all the conveyancing civic that includes all the heavy tasks of drafting your estate plans and work on them professionally. Without thinking of the attorney’s price you could consider the as an investment for all the court taxes ,fees and professional fees you’ll be going through if you don’t have a proper estate plan.
  • You may think it as cost you a lot, but actually you might be saving yourself from additional tax and financial benefits by having an experienced lawyer who knows what they are doing.
  • Like I said before, real estate planning is not as easy as you think, and yeah google is your friend but no online blog/ tutorial may help you. Your estate plan depends on every word and phrase you have documented and the law get updated from time to time. And you might not be aware of the new law imposed while you were working on this. Keeping track of the law might be a separate job, and none of this would be an issue if you get yourself an attorney.
  • There is no do over. Once you have your estate plan written you cannot change it, and by any chance if you forget to recheck your will that you wrote all by yourself and forgot one requirement you will have to face the consequences all by yourself. So even if you write the will by yourself you really do need a lawyer to go through it make adjustments according to the governing laws and help you address it.

See what I mean? You really do need a real estate lawyer to get this job done. Unless you’re a real estate lawyer yourself, this might not be the task for you mate. For more information, please log on to https://www.tjlegal.com.au/family-law/.