Igloo Village Weddings Serve As Once in a Lifetime Experience

Have you ever dreamt of arriving at your wedding destination by a reindeer drawn sleigh and walking down an isle that has been covered in a fur in a pristine ice chapel? It is this experience which you will be able to have in Kakslauttanen. The unique igloo village weddings are able to provide the couples with a once in a lifetime experience on their wedding day as it has been set amongst the blankets and trees white snow. It is for this reason that the igloo village is an ideal destination for holding a white wedding venue.

Which girl would not dream of a magic on her wedding day? She does look forward to sharing the day with friends and family. Not only your closest friends and family will be able to share in a unique adventure, but they’ll be awestruck by all that’s offered when you have an igloo village wedding. You can say bye-bye to the traditional horse and carriage fairy tale weddings. In the igloo village of Kakslauttanen, you’ll arrive and leave from the wedding venue in a reindeer drawn sleigh. Your guests will be able to sit comfortably on small benches while they watch you exchange vows in a unique wedding venue in the world. Remember to avail of the wedding photography packages to capture this historic moment. See this page the perfect place to have a professional wedding photographer that can capture a memorable moment of your special day.

The photographer with the help of the wedding photography packages which you have taken will take captivating shots of your wedding ceremony, the pristine ice chapel, and your guests. You can also bring your own camera to capture shots of everything you’ll see and do during your stay. Despite the fact that this sort of a wedding location only accommodates a small amount of guests, you will still be able to impress everyone back home with breathtaking pictures.

When you have exchanged your vows, you will be able to immediately start your honeymoon adventure. Igloo village weddings are able to provide you with traditionally built snow igloos as well as glass covered igloos. It is indeed a beautiful sight to look at rows of softly lit glass igloos. However, the covered igloos are a popular choice since they are able to allow you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful northern lights and you will also not have to stand out in below freezing temperatures.

It will be possible for you to book an igloo for one night or more. However, there are many couples who prefer to have the igloo experience for one night and enjoy the rest of their honeymoon in a warm as well as a rustic cabin that has been located elsewhere on the property. The hotel will assist you in scheduling your activities like s sledding in which you will be pulled by either a reindeer or a group of huskies. They will also be able to arrange snowmobiling for you and your wedding guests. When you have some private moment, you will be able to enjoy the winter wonderland from the comfort of an outdoors hot tub. You can expect to have a memorable wedding experience at a uniquely beautiful location with the igloo village weddings.