Monthly Activities That You Can Do With Your New Born Up To Six Months

First few years of your child are the basis of your child’s development. The more time you invest on him/ her will make her a grown up responsible adult with talents. Therefore, as the first few months of the child is very important for her development, spending time doing various activities with her is important. Monthly activities that you can do with your child during the first few months of her life is as follows. When you are doing these activities with your child, you should bear in mind that every child is different and special. Different children perform at different levels. Some children may not perform certain activities. As an example, children may delay in talking. If there is a delay of this sort, trying after a few months of a few weeks in important.

Swing your baby gently in her first month

As soon as your child is born, there is nothing much she can do. But your child will bond with you automatically as soon as she is born. Try to make this bonding a good one. Start swinging her gently on your lap. This way she’d be near you and start developing a relationship and bonding with you. She’d be comfortable with you she’d look for comfort in you.

Carry and wear your baby in her second month

Children love to be carried. Invest on a baby carrier in the second month of the baby. This way, you can take the baby wherever you go. Also, carry your baby inward. Your baby will feel your warmth this way. She will feel protective when she is with you.

Make a mobile for her in her third month

Children have a narrow vision as soon as they are born. They develop their vision through time. Practically, this means that they can’t see properly within the first few months of their life. They can only see a few inches. Therefore, having a cot mobile hanged in her cot is important. This way, she can see colors and start identifying objects in close proximity.

Encourage your baby to make sounds in her fourth month

When your child is four months, she starts making sounds. Encourage this. If she starts making sounds like “ba ba” try using words with these syllables within the day. This will encourage your baby to speak more.

Plan a picnic with her in her fifth month

Take her out on a picnic to see around in this month. You can plan a baby photography in Perth so that you can make it a memory for her during the later years of her life. Hire a baby photographer and conduct a baby photo-shoot.

Teach your newborn sign language in her sixth month

If you teach your child sign language at early stages of her life, it’s easy for you. So teach her to use sign language when she is hungry, thirsty, etc. This will make your life easy.