3 Things Which Can Go Wrong Before A Photo Shoot

You might be getting ready for your own wedding day. It is the happiest moment of your life but there are problems which can develop on the day of the wedding too. Your cameraman might not show up on time and your dress can develop a slit. Here are some things which can go wrong on your big day:

Hair and makeup does wear off

Makeup is not always fool proof even if you buy the best products out there in the market. Hair and makeup is time consuming but it can also wear off in time to come. A lot of fussing during the event can make your day go horribly wrong if you do not plan it well. Your mother will ask you a thousand times to fix your dress straps or shoes. Your cousin might ask you questions about your honeymoon so time will fly by fast. You will have to spend time and time again fixing your hair and makeup. You might spend a lot of time getting it right which will make you late for your own wedding. Your makeup might not be perfect on the wedding photos but maybe staying natural is better than having a caked face full of foundation!

Family photos can be disastrous!

Family images or family portraits are supposed to be a big deal at weddings. Your family is your support system so they are an important part of the occasion up until it is picture time! It doesn’t matter how the portraits turn out as long as it looks natural and realistic. Your parents might want a few too and your uncle might be dozing on the couch after too many shots of whiskey before the wedding. Either way it is your special day so don’t let the nitty gritty details get you down! If you are stressed out ask your brides maids to get you some champagne to sip on!

Photographers don’t know your family that well

You might have a great aunt who looked after you when you were little but unless you tell the photographer that he or she will not know who they are. You can try having an introduction party and showing them who is who around 4 weeks before and even get snap shots so that they can remember each person well. Make sure you introduce everyone to them so that you do not have to deal with any last minute hiccups! Plan your wedding photos well so that you can have the perfect wedding! Visit this link http://www.bootsphotography.com.au/affordable-brisbane-wedding-photography/ if you are looking for an affordable wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast.

Remember weddings can be tough on you and your partner but if you plan well ahead you can avoid anything haphazard from happening.